You like walking !

We offer 2 at 3.00 walk every step of the circuit …
We design for you several steps in order to « get out of the car » and enjoy walking to better feel the country and meet the people. Mada is a country of walkers, so you have to walk yourself to discover authenticity.
Day 1: 3:00 touring on the sacred hill of Iharahandriana (gazebo and tombs).
Day 2: 2:00 touring « the balcony of the river Mania ».
Day 3: 1:30 rando « lookout Ambohimahasoa ».
We recommend that you have two extra days in the village of Ihasy (day 2) to visit the gold mine (hiking 3.30) from the ecolodge, and perform the next day the hike (hiking 6.00) Mount Ibity (2254m), the fourth peak of the island. Beautiful
scenery on the Vakinankaratra region, country of Malagasy volcanoes.


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