Your trip in Madagascar

Leaving the highlands after Antsirabe, we plunge to the west, the “thorns and savannas bush”. The Tsiribihina river let discover a less austere environment, before tackling the Menabe country that leads the Sakalava’ baobabs, and join the Natural Park of Bemaraha Tsingy to discover the world mineral stones blades. Back to the baobabs alley, to admire at colorful sunset, then join Morondava and Belo, heart of Malagasy dhows shipyard before joining the Vezo lagoon. Village of Andavadoka is the main of Vezo territory, and this is the place to go off, outrigger canoe to dive with them in the lagoon and discover the biodiversity of the underwater environment and the expertise of men… one of the last nomadic people of the sea that must be met. The return to Antananarivo makes traveling in Isalo ruiniform landscapes, cliffs Tsaranoro and Betsileo rice fields.





  • Transportation: 4×4 comfortable for 4 passengers to have all your “leeway” for visits and photos.
  • Accommodations: Hotels-bungalows during your trip in DBL or TWN room with bathroom and toilet. The Standard is “middle-range”. Warning: night single bungalow (shared shower and toilet) J10.
  • Biodiversity: Many visited protected areas and Baoabs festival throughout the West Coast. Tsingy de Bemaraha are spectacular, even if it is very hot.
  • Spots: This trip allows you to discover the most famous spots in the country: The baobabs’ avenue, Tsingy of Bemaraha protected area, the western baobab forests, Vezo lagoon, Ilakaka mines, national park of the Isalo, the “big walls” of Tsaranoro, and the famous N7.
  • A 17 days’ trip with possible extensions.


Day 1: Antananarivo – Antsirabe (170 km, 3h30) on tar. Tananarive you leave for the south on the famous “National Highway 7” that winds through the rice fields and climbing hills, making it possible to observe the landscape of the highlands. Free meals Behengy to discover the foie gras “Madagascar.” Visit a small-scale foundries (Ambatolampy) that realize the aluminum pots for all the household of the island. Continue on the N7 which runs through the fertile plains identified by mountains, the route is very conducive to photos-stops until Antsirabe, the spa town of volcanic highlands. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 2: Antsirabe – Miandrivazo (225 km, 5:00) on tar. Morning visit Antsirabe. We visit local craft workshops (artisanal confectionery, embroidery, zebu horn sculpture and manufacture of miniature cars recycling aluminum boxes). Visit of the NGO “ZOB” that invites you to invest in the cattle available to farmers in the Vakinankaratra. Lunch in town, market corner. During the afternoon, transfer to Miandrivazo on the Tsiribihina river. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 3: Miandrivazo – Belo Tsiribihina (320 km, 6:00) on dust road, one ferry to pass. Lunch in Picnic formula. First the paved road through the dry landscape of spiny forest (picnic en route). Then the trail crosses the alley of baobabs and stretches in the spiny forest to the stage. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 4: Belo Tsiribihina – Bekopaka (80 km, 3:00) dust road, one ferry to pass. Starting early, we join the issue of Bekopaka ferry to cross before noon (standby). Lunch in Picnic formula. Walking tour to “little Tsingy” Bekopaka (up to 30 meters height). Dinner and overnight at the hotel half, board.

Day 5: Tsingy de Bemaraha (20 km, 1:30) on track. Morning departure by jeep for large Tsingy located twenty kilometers from the village of Bekopaka. The walking tour “great Tsingys” presents easy climbing sections secured by park guides: a kind of “via ferrata” on the needles! Free lunch picnic formula on the route. Back 4×4 Bekopaka. Dinner and overnight.

Day 6: Bekopaka – Kirindy (160 km, 6 h00) on muddy road to Belo Tsiribihina. Free lunch. We reach Kirindy through Baobas’ alley at the sunset: a magic show!. The private protected area “Kirindy” is characteristic of the prickly-dry forest west of the island to observe the different species of diurnal lemurs: Sifaka, Sifaka, lemur gray bamboo (bamboo lemur griseus). Possibility Kirindy a night tour of the reserve to observe lemurs and lemur lemurs nesting in the trees. The “fossa” the chance to see it sometimes, sort of “puma” endemic to Madagascar. Dinner and overnight at the cottage of the park in half board.

Day 7: Kirindy – Morondava – Belo (70 km, 3 h00) on track. Transfer to Morondava and city tour. Lunch in Morondava. Afternoon, 4×4 transfer Belo village, visiting dhows shipyards inspired from Côtre Breton (Brittany have left traces and children). Dinner and overnight at the hotel, half board.

Day 8: From Belo to Morombe (180 km, 8 h00) Track, 1 tray to pass. Early breakfast. Starting a major step in 4×4 whose schedule depends on current conditions (heat, sand, river levels to cross) in landscapes that are suitable for the photo and the stops to meet the villagers. Arrival in Morombe depends on all the circumstances. Lunch in Picnic formula. Dinner and overnight at the hotel, half board.

Day 9: Morombe – Andavadoaka (40 km, 2 h00) on dirt track. Breakfast on site. Relaxation and visit the village in the morning, do not miss the ballet of outrigger canoe that leave off, free breakfast on site with advice from the driver guide that will guide you. After breakfast, 4×4 transfer Andavadoaka and on the course, you will discover the variety of baobabs “dwarf” in this arid region that are very different from those before. Dinner and overnight at the local hotel, half board.

Day 10: Andavadoaka – Antsepoka (40 km, 5 h00) on track. Breakfast on site. Transfer by car on dirt track to join Ambatomiloa. The journey allows us to observe the bush landscape (dry forest spurge) and its baobabs rubrostipa Mikeas of the country, the last representatives of Bantu ancestors. They are hunter-gatherers, they live hidden in the spiny forest and are very fearful. Picnic on the way. Swimming in the afternoon. Dinner and overnight at the hotel, half board.

Day 11: Antsepoka – Mangily (30 km, 3 h00) on track. Breakfast on site. The morning allows to visit the village and watch the ballet of outrigger canoes coming and going off. We then follow the sandy path that reaches back to Mangily. The landscapes are more familiar to choose photos stops and meetings with those we have already met. Lunch in Mangily. Swimming in the afternoon. Dinner and overnight at the hotel, half board.

Day 12: Mangily – Toliara – Ranohira (250 km, 6 h00) track and tar. Breakfast. Departure to Tulear and Ilakaka the “N7”. Visit the Arboretum Antsokay and lunch. Ilakaka: the “Wild West” in Madagascar! A boomtown following the discovery of sapphires. Visit a mine. The route crosses desert landscapes where very poor vegetation consists of prickly plants endemic to Madagascar. Forest corridor, cotton fields and some baobabs unfold before your eyes. On the way to the Antandroy tombs. Dinner and overnight at the hotel, half board.

Day 13: Isalo (10 km, 0 h30) dirt track. Ranohira “water lemurs”, the view embraces the chaotic and ruiniform landscapes that make the interest of Isalo National Park. It appears from bedrock of science fiction which he borrowed forms incredible: high rocks, caves, peaks of sandstone and granite enliven the area that has the appearance of a ghost town. Hiking to reach the canyon “Namaza”. An excursion to discover birds, butterflies, lizards and a panoramic view of the last rainforest of southern Madagascar, the waterfall, the blue pool and black pool. Free time for swimming. Picnic at the heart of the forest “Namaza” under the interested eyes of lemurs. Dinner and overnight at the hotel, half board.

Day 14: Ranohira – Ihosy – Tsaranoro (270 km, 6 h30) asphalt road and dirt track. We take the “N7” to join Ihosy and Ranohira across the vast semi-desert plateau Horombe and termite mounds. Free lunch. Dinner and night, half board.

Day 15: Tsaranoro – Ambalavao – Fianarantsoa (80 km, 2:30) dirt track and asphalt road. Breakfast very early. Hiking to the summit of the Chameleon and back. Transfer the track to RN7 and join the village Anja reserve, rich in lemurs. Lunch or Ambalavao Anja. Departure to Ambalavao to visit a workshop paper “Antemoro” and a wild silk weaving workshop. The store allows for souvenir shopping. Transfer afternoon Fianarantsoa and sunset at the lookout before reaching the hotel. Dinner and overnight at the hotel, half board.

Day 16: Fianarantsoa – Ambositra – Antsirabe (230 km, 5 h30) on tar. Breakfast at the hotel. The journey continues on the N7 towards Ambositra. This part of the route leads to the Betsileo region whose landscape is dotted with hills granite rocks characteristics “vatos”. As for the rice fields floor, they line the road to Ambositra, capital of the Malagasy craft where we visit after lunch, a craft workshop “Zafimaniry” specializes in marquetry of the few on the island wood (Ebony , rosewood, rosewood). Lunch in Ambositra. The route then turns the peaks and neck of the geological formation Vakinankaratra, comparable to the central massif (extinct volcanoes) to Antsirabe. Dinner and overnight at the hotel, half board.

Day 17: Antsirabe – Antananarivo (170 km, 3h30) on tar. Lunch in Behenjy. End of program in the afternoon.










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