Your trip in Madagascar

When leaving the asphalt road at “Soanirana-Ivango” first ferry of RN5 you will get the experience of real dirt track! So hard to believe that it can still be called “National Road” … when the average hourly touches 11 km/hour. At this rate, easy to enjoy landscapes and meetings, especially at the ferrys waiting, promoting the exchange and whet the curiosity. This formula combines the comfort of the car, slow speed and nature discovery, without missing a drop to tropical nectar that makes the magic of the place.





  • Transportation : 4×4 comfortable for 4 passengers to have all your “leeway” for visits and photos.
  • Accommodations : Hotels-bungalows during your trip in DBL or TWN room with bathroom and toilet. The Standard is “middle-range” but we can provide, on request, the equivalent European 3-4 * for days 1, 2. Warning: overnight in tents igloo mandatory for the island of Nosy Mangabe ( we provide tents and comfortable mattresses).
  • RN5 : Not a “national road” as the name, because asphalt ends at Soanieran’Ivongo’ ferry. Then it’s a dirt track with 5 crossings ferries that make the charm of the course. 4×4 does not go away qu’Antanambe because the track then becomes too chaotic and laborious, even in 4×4, and especially the bridges are impassable. Our dhow engine replaces the car to rally the island of Nosy Mangabe and Maroantsetra
  • Biodiversity : Four protected areas visited : Andasibe, Mananara, Nosy Antafana and Nosy Mangabe.
  • A 7 days’ trip with possible extensions.



Day 1: Tana – Andasibe (140 km, 3 h00). Departure for Andasibe, a free lunch stop at Moramanga and visit the market. Transfer on the site of Eulophiella, orchids park and night tour to observe small lemurs (lemurs and lemurs). Dinner and overnight at the hotel “Eulophiella.”

Day 2: Andasibe – Toamasina – Foulpointe – Mahambo (320 km, 6 h00). Visit of the morning Andasibe park to watch the Indri Indri, a few dozen kilometers away, visit the crafts cooperative Ambavaniasa. Lunch on the way. City Tour in Toamasina. Drive to Foulpointe and Mahambo. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 3: Mahambo – Soanieran’Ivongo – Manompana (100 km, 4:00). 5 RN durt track, three ferrys move in perfect disorganization can observe the daily life of residents. Lunch at Manompana, dive in the water in front of the beautiful bay of Tintingue. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 4: Manompana – Antanambe. (30 km, 2h00). 5 RN durt track, two ferrys to pass. Hiking in the North Mananara National Park. The Mananara park is classified as “Biosphere Reserve, by UNESCO). Picnic at the edge of a beautiful waterfall. Back to Antanambe. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 5: Antanambe – Sahasoa (marine park) (15 km). Departure by motor boat to the island “Nosy Antafana” that locates the marine park of the same name. Picnic on the island. Back to Sahasoa by boat. Dinner and overnight at the “house of the association of fishermen’s wives.”

Day 6: Sahasoa – Mananara North – Nosy Mangabe (100 km, 6 h00). Here the trail goes too low, putting, even dangerous. You leave the 4×4 for a comfortable and fun boat trip on our “dhow” equipped with an engine “inboard” 130 hp. Lunch on board. The island of Nosy Mangabe located at the bottom of the bay Antongil is a treasure of intact biodiversity tame lemurs, Uroplatus, birds … Moreover, the range of Dutch is remarkable for its rocks engraved in the seventeenth century by hackers. In the evening, night out in the forest to see “Aye Aye” (Daubentonia Madagascariensis) in the forest. Dinner and overnight camping (igloo tents).

Day 7: Nosy Mangabe – Maroantsetra. You’ll love the shower in the waterfall: dream setting. Transfer by boat to the port of Maroantsetra and transfer to the airport for your return flight to Antananarivo (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday). Depending on your schedule, visit the remarkable interpretation center Masoala Park conducted by the Zurich Zoo.






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